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Satisfied Client: Fran Brady

"I had just had my first novel published and was looking to promote it with a website and internet presence. I approached Mike and we had an initial meeting in Edinburgh to talk over what I wanted."

"He came to my house for three days – we arranged dates to suit ourselves - and took me through the process of identifying key words and phrases which would make the website more likely to get lots of hits. Whilst he worked on the technical side of setting up the site using my desktop computer, I worked on the content (words and pictures) on my laptop. We came together regularly throughout the three days when I would give him more stuff and he would then go and get on with his side of things.

"Mike is so easy and enjoyable to work with. He listens intelligently and takes on board what you, the customer, wants."

"He doesn’t attempt to blind you with science or bore you to death with screeds of technical details that you really don’t need to know. Working with him felt like a good partnership: he simply did what he does best and I did what I do best. Together we produced a good website which is steadily attracting hits and generating sales. I feel completely confident about referring people to it. He also encouraged me to start doing a blog and use networking sites to become better known.

"A few weeks later, I was having trouble with my desktop computer (not shutting down properly) and called him. Again he came and spent a few hours quietly working away at the problem and fixed it without then expecting me to spend ages listening to what had been wrong and how he had fixed it (though I am sure he would if you wanted that.)

"I think he is a very rare animal: a combination of computer expert and empathetic listener."

"I think he gets the best out of the customer because he tries hard to understand what they want and then works hard to translate that into action. I recommend him highly."

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  • Ten Year's Experience
  • Home and Office Wifi Set-up
  • Domain name Registration and Management
  • Repairs slow and broken laptops and desktops
  • Data migration and new system set-up
  • Personal Website Development

Andrew Brittain
Satisfied Client: Andrew Brittain

"I called Navajo Web Services after having many problems with my home computers. They weren't connecting to the wireless network and I had wires trailing through the house. In addition one of my computers had crashed and I was at a loss at what to do with it, other than throw it in the bin.

"Mike Hall of Navajo Web Services visited my house within a couple of days of my call, to suit my working commitments, and my network was up and running within hours."

"He took my broken computer away and returned it soon after as good as new. Mike was always at the end of the phone to answer those stupid questions us less than proficient computer experts ask.

"As a bonus I found the Navajo Web Services fee rates extremely reasonable and definitely value for money considering the frustration I felt before my computers were fixed.

"I have already recommended Navajo Web Services to friends and family and have no hesitation in recommending them to others."